#2: Would a Japanese Millennial Punch a Spiritual Nazi?

Steven conducts the second episode of the show as a sit down interview with Alex Baker. We ask the big questions! Alex and Steven discuss holidays, Donald Trump, and the ethics of punching a Nazi.

Show Notes:

Would you punch a Nazi survey? 

The book Steven read: 

David Eagleman Website


The Lemmy Quote baker is probably talking about  I cant seem to find a source however.

Other Lemmy quotes

Tokyo Sky Tree (Website)  (Wiki) 

My instagram photo  

Mt Fuji (Wiki)

US Travel Ban Article


Mo Farah (Wiki) (Article)

Trump “Bad People” Tweet

Presidential assassin attempts (Wiki)    

US Presidential Term Limits (Wiki)

Trump/Hiliary Medical articles (One) (Two)

Gun Control bullets

Assassination threats against Barack Obama (Wiki)

Donald Trump assassination attempt

The 'punch a Nazi' meme: what are the ethics of punching Nazis? (Article)

Richard B. Spencer (Wiki)

Death of man at protest (wiki)

Other punch related deaths (One)  (Two) (Three) (Four)

MLK vs Malcom X (Article)

Gandhi (Wiki)

Would you punch a Nazi survey? 

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